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    Meet our makeover experts.

  • General Assembly

    Skills Upgrading

    Starring in the expert video is Aziza Sheerin from General Assembly (GA), who is passionate about education. Peter Browne, GA’s presentation skills instructor, will coach the contest winner.

  • Andrea Edwards

    Personal Branding

    Andrea is Founder and CEO of The Digital Conversationalist, with over 20 years’ experience in mostly B2B marketing and communication.

  • Jeremy Lai

    Marketing Yourself

    The Business Director at GA’s Digital Marketing Centre, Jeremy has more than 10 years’ experience in the digital marketing industry.

  • Grace Sai

    Client Management

    Grace is Co-Founder and CEO of The HUB Singapore, Singapore's largest co-working community. She has a passion for teaching, speaking and entrepreneurship.

  • Dominic Say

    Money Matters

    Representing PayPal as our expert on money management, Dominic works to help businesses grow using the right payment solutions.

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Thinking about how you can expand your reach, manage your money better or build strong client relationships? Here is some advice from the experts that can help you become a successful freelancer.

Great tips from the freelance community.

These freelancers have different skills, interests and come from all walks of life – but they all have the same passion: To freelance without boundaries. Check out what advice they have to offer.